Playing the background for years, you probably wouldnt have know Audrianna Cole has been the magic behind a number of Industry arist! Having written with artist such as Stefan Skarbek, Sasha Skarbek, Dave Tozer, KNS, Nathan Chapman, and Jennifer Hanson, it's apparent Audrianna has more then enough experience to be in the limelight. Brandishing a guitar and a sweet Blues/ Soft Rock voice, Audrianna Cole has been on the independent grind dating back to her kitchen at the age of 14! Hey, we all started somewhere. I began recording in my dads bedroom on a computer microphone i borrowed from one of my close friends. I was actually recording when i was restricted from using the computer without supervision! The point is the first step can either lead to that step on the moon or a big leap to nowhere. Support Audrianna Cole as she pursues her dreams the IndiGalaxy way! 

Check out this song recorded for Audriannas Demo.