If you don't know about the notorious smokers club member/lyrical mastermind Smoke Dza, then you obviously haven't been keeping up with the latest and greatest doing it independent. Smoke Dza is signed as an independent artist to Cinematic TV which just happens to also be independent! Smoke Dza has released an entire of collection of music including his most recent material, T.H.C or the The Hustlers Catalog. The super smoker manifests his high time experiences into nice rhymes to go along with excellent production from some such as BIG K.RI.T, Ski Beatz, Hi Tek, Lex Luger, Cardo and a list of other great producers. The way in which Dza approaches tracks is completely different from any other artist because he knows how to manifest his creativity into something original and realistic. You won't hear to many dance songs or up beat club songs from DZA because of his "chill" approach. Smoke Dza understands the concept of sticking to the script which is why longevity (even as an independent artist), should definitely not be a problem. Smoke Dza has done a lot of songs with some major names such as Cory Gunz, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Big Sant, Big K.R.I.T, Trademark The SkyDiver, Devin The Dude, Asher Roth...etc The list is endless! Songs such as We Get High featuring Cory Gunz and Big Sant, Marley and Me featuring Asher Roth, Curren$y, and Devin the dude, Etc Etc featuring BIG K.R.I.T are all prime examples of Smoke Dza's ability to shine with some of the big names by just being himself. I've never seen an independent artist make so much of an impact coming completely out of nowhere! It's not everyday you catch onto somebody new making music and actually grow to like their music. Smoke Dza's Substance Abuse, and Substance Abuse 1.5 made a lasting impression on me because they weren't something your typical 808 saturating most of the songs and despite he talks about a lot of "spinach," his lyrics still contain some pretty interesting content. the tapes exhibited absolute quality and just from noticing how seriously Dza takes his music, he gained my respect and still maintains it by consistently dropping excellent mix tapes such as George Kush The Button & THC. If you haven't heard any of Smoke Dza yet, you should definitely check out the line up of mix tapes i have listed below and be sure to listen to them all untill you remember all the words!