Man of The Month - Jay-Z

Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, directly epitomizes entrepreneurship. Starting up in 1994, Jay-Z has been around long enough to learn all the tricks and trades of the game in which he used to turn his career into a living legacy.  The Roc-A-Fella empire has carved it's name in stone and is obviously a dominant force to be reckoned with. Jay-Z's, "hustler mentality" along with his, "book smarts" lets him wear different hats such as Political Ambassador, Chief Executive,  and a bevy of other meticulous roles. You would think Jay-Z's resume would be that of a MIT or Harvard business man, but no! jay-Z not only built a multi-million dollar brand, but he did it without a High School Diploma! Anyone willing to take a risk like that with such confidence is a true entrepreneur. In honor to his dedication and consistency, we celebrate our man of the Month, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter this June here at Indigalaxy !

Mr. Carter